Pepe Unchained Review, Guide and Price Prediction for 2024

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Crypto’s favorite meme – Pepe the Frog – is back, and fighting for his freedom!

After being stuck as $PEPE on the expensive blockchain Ethereum, Giga brain Pepe devised a cunning plan. Build a new token on his own layer 2 blockchain.

Why? For cheaper transactions and the ability to easily stake the coin for bigger gains! And so, Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) was born and he is asking for your support in one of the hottest crypto presales right now.

So should you help him get free from his Layer 1 prison? And fill your memecoin bags at the same time?

Let’s find out.

What Is Pepe Unchained?

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Pepe Unchained is a cool new memecoin with utility. While $PEPE is built on Ethereum, $PEPU is built on a layer 2 made just for him. This makes it easy for holders to keep staking their tokens and claiming the profits, without paying crazy gas fees.

We’ve all heard of people who’ve become millionaires from $PEPE. And while people are still trading and profiting from the coin, it’s harder to make huge gains because the token’s market cap is very large.

Pepe Unchained (PEPU) stands out from other $PEPE and other memecoins due to some key features.

  1. $PEPU is in presale meaning you can get the coin at a super cheap price.
  2. Like Shiba Inu (crypto’s second biggest memecoin), Pepe Unchained has his own Layer 2 (L2) blockchain
  3. Pepe Unchained’s L2 is 100x faster than Ethereum, and way cheaper and faster to use.
  4. Staking rewards are estimated to be a chunky 2357%
  5. Transparency – unlike other presales, you can see each $PEPU transaction on the ETH blockchain explorer.

Pepe is the most famous frog on the internet. And it shows, because Pepe Unchained already has over 3000 followers on Twitter, in just 11 days! Even better, the presale has raised a cheeky $850,000 in this time!

Feels good man!

Pepe Unchained knows that you too, might be stuck with your funds on expensive Ethereum, and so he’s made it super easy and cheap to bridge from ETH to $PEPU.

How to Purchase Pepe Unchained

PEPU is all about making gains while enjoying the easy life.

So with that in mind, you can use your card or crypto to buy into the presale in just a few easy steps:

  1. Connect your web3 wallet – the team recommends MetaMask, but you can also use Best Wallet, Wallet Connect, or Coinbase Wallet.
  2. If you’re buying with crypto, you can choose to use ETH, USDT or BNB. If you’re buying with card, select the USD option.
  3. Decide just how much you want to help Pepe Unchained in his mission (and how much you want to play with for bigger staking rewards), and go for it.
  4. You can stake your coins right away.

Why Should You Invest In Pepe Unchained?

Memecoins are unpredictable and it can be hard to know which ones are going to take off and which will fade into oblivion.

So the cool thing about Pepe Unchained is that the Pepe meme is so well established that there’s no way people can be oblivious to $PEPU. And that’s why the presale is already so popular after less than two weeks!

Nevertheless, the team has reserved 20% of the tokens to market the coin and blockchain.

Most memecoins don’t have their own blockchain, but Pepe Unchained does. If we consider Shiba Inu and its Layer 2, the Shibarium, we see that the dog meme has gone from strength to strength due to all the functionality and creativity this allows.

If $PEPU can become even a fraction as popular as SHIB then we may see exciting developments in the years to come.

The first benefit of the L2 solution is that this makes it cheap and easy to stake tokens and claim rewards. 2357% pa is an insane level of rewards!

Read on to see the math of just how much this could make you.

See PEPU’s proof of purchase on the blockchain

PEPU is the first memecoin that we’ve seen that proves that people are really buying in, by showing the transactions on the ETH block explorer. You can take a look for yourself on their Telegram and then follow the link. The average buy is around $300 – $1000, but you can buy more or less as you please!

If you’re a blockchain explorer geek like Gigabrain Pepe (and us!), you might notice that the token appears to have only 7 holders.

But don’t worry! This is because the tokens cannot be released until the presale is over, so all presale purchases go into a dedicated smart contract that will distribute the tokens at launch.

What Influences The Price of Pepe Unchained?

The price of Pepe Unchained will be determined by how successful the presale is. We did a little digging on the Ethereum blockchain explorer and saw that there have been around 18800 purchases of $PEPU so far. And we know from the website that approx $850,000 has been raised in 11 days.

The other side of the coin is marketing and socials. As we’ve mentioned, Pepe the Frog needs no introduction, and 20% of the tokens are going to ensure that everyone knows that Pepe Unchained is the next big memecoin.

Right now the Telegram channel just shows new buys, but in a week the team will launch a chat where Pepe Unchained fans can get together and build the hype.

Now – time for the Awesome Staking Math!

If you buy $1000 worth of PEPU, and the price never even goes up from here (which it will, the next price increase is in less than 48 hrs), that’s a staggering profit of approx. $23570 per year.

Staking rewards are in place for the next 2 years. So assuming the presale goes even reasonably well, that’s profits of well over $50,000 from the staking. If the token goes to the moon then the staking profit will be exponentially higher. (We’re talking millions here! $$$).

2357% is so large an APY that interest calculators won’t help you with the math.

So we had to use our own giga brains!

(And a calculator. But hey, we can’t all be as smart as Giga Brain Pepe).

Uh oh! $PEPU broke the interest calculator.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) is a new memecoin project that aims to build upon the popularity of the PEPE token by introducing its own L2 blockchain and staking rewards.

As with any new cryptocurrency project, especially those in the memecoin sector, price predictions are highly speculative and subject to extreme volatility, though many indicator point to hidden gem potential for $PEPU.

That said, here are our best guesses for the price predictions for $PEPU.

Pepe Unchained Price History

As $PEPU is brand new, all we know so far is that there have been around 18800 buys of $PEPU and the current price is $0.0080641.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction 2024

2024 is the year of launch for $PEPU. Its success will depend on several factors, including the final presale price, exchange listings, hype around the L2 blockchain, and overall memecoin market performance.

A conservative estimate for $PEPU’s price by the end of 2024 could be in the range of $0.01 – $0.08, depending on launch price and market forces.

However, if there’s significant hype, and the project wins the hearts of Pepe lovers around the world, the price could go much higher.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction 2025

Assuming $PEPU can establish itself within the memecoin market in 2024, 2025 could see further price increases if the L2 solution gains functionality and adoption. Reaching the $0.60 mark is possible, but market conditions will play a major role.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction 2030

A long-term prediction for a memecoin is highly speculative. By 2030, the entire cryptocurrency landscape could be very different. However, if $PEPU can carve out a niche within a successful Layer 2 ecosystem, it could see significant price appreciation.

While $1.25 is a possibility if $PEPU experiences exceptional growth and widespread adoption, a more realistic target might be between $0.05 and $0.70. At $0.50, the market cap would be $4 billion, which is a substantial achievement for a memecoin.

But given that the OG $PEPE has a market cap of over $5 billion, and $SHIB’s market cap is at over $10 billion, the coin could go even higher.

Potential High and Lows of The Future

PEPU’s potential highs and lows will depend on various factors, including how captivated the crypto community feels about Pepe Unchained, market conditions, macroeconomic factors, project and blockchain development, and overall cryptocurrency adoption.

However, based on the information we have about this and other memecoins, we can estimate the following:

Year Predicted Low Predicted High Predicted Average
2024 $0.01 $0.25 $0.08
2025 $0.02 $0.60 $0.20
2030 $0.05 $1.25 $0.70

pepe-unchained-$PEPU (1)

Will You Help Free Pepe? Feels Good Man!

Pepe Unchained is different from other memecoins. In a good way.

$PEPU builds on the success of $PEPE, but with way more features and functionality. Having its own dedicated Layer 2 blockchain sets the stage for a new world for Pepe to live in, and for insane gains for his fans.

Given the 2 years of staking rewards, even the worst-case predicted scenario for Pepe Unchained of $0.02 per coin in 2025 is a gain of 520%. And the best case would for 2025 would be 2380%

If it can reach $1.25 by 2030 then that’s gains of 14780% from here. This means that a $1000 buy of $PEPU could net you around $147,800 in profit!

Even more bullish is that if you add on the 2357% staking rewards. At a $PEPU value of just $0.20, you are looking at potential multi-millionaire status in just 2 years. ($14.7 million to be precise!) – all from a $1000 investment.

And that’s why we love the new Pepe Unchained.

So if you want to free Pepe and make a lot of money while doing so, take a punt on $PEPU!