Best Hidden Gems in Crypto | The Most Promising Projects to Invest in Jul 2024

Investing in a crypto coin early is one of the best ways to maximize profits as an investor. Usually, crypto projects start out with a presale to allow investors to back their projects before they become successful. So, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for the next big thing in the market, you must be on the lookout for promising projects to invest in.

This detailed guide highlights the best hidden crypto gems in the smaller crypto space with massive potential to experience significant growth in the crypto markets. Keep reading!

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WienerAI ($WAI) is Part Dog, Part Sausage, and Part AI, but it's Complete Meme Coin Magic, $3.5mil raised!
PlayDoge ($PLAY) Play-to-earn meme coin presale raised $250k on Day 1
Working on multiple blockchains, unique multi-platform approach, $DAWGZ trades on ETH, BSC, AVAC, AND SOL
Sealana ($SEAL) the deal with this fresh off the presses meme coin presale, raised over $3M so far
Exclusive token for Mega Dice Casino, gain unique perks as a proprietary investor in $DICE

6+ Top-Rated Hidden Gems in the Crypto Market Right Now

Numerous low market-cap coins that are yet to be popular are on the market. We spotlight the most promising altcoins for those looking for the best crypto presale to consider.

1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – Best New Crypto Project on Presale 


PlayDoge is a new meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain. The play-to-earn crypto gaming project embodies the nostalgic feeling of old-generation video games with its dog-inspired character, called Doge.

Beyond its exciting gaming features, PlayDoge users can earn $PLAY tokens for their activities in its gaming ecosystem. For example, you’ll earn lucrative rewards for taking care of your pet.

Despite being one of the latest coins on the crypto market, $PLAY has been driving conversations among investors because of its similarities with the popular Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is the largest meme coin, with a market capitalization of over $20 billion. But PlayDoge’s little Doge pet being affiliated with Dogecoin has driven the new project’s substantial growth in its nascent stage.

For context, PlayDoge started its presale in June 2024 and has already raised over $4 million within the same month. The early presale success suggests that $PLAY is poised to become one of the best coins with a potential increase in value.

Though it’s selling at 0.00506 per token at the time of writing, the PlayDoge price prediction is optimistic. Its growing interest among early investors will result in a potential surge as the project progresses.

2. WienerAI ($WAI) – Meme-Backed AI Trading Bot 


Wiener is another meme coin joining the crypto markets, but what sets it apart from similar meme projects is its infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) into its mechanics. So, the WienerAI project is beyond a social media meme.

Its real use case is its advanced AI trading bot that helps both beginners and savvy investors with an automated tool to mitigate volatility risks.

In terms of how it works, the $WAI bot can receive prompts, so when you ask it for the best trading opportunities, it scans the cryptocurrency market within seconds and returns with promising trades. To achieve this, the tool uses historical data, market trends, and investor sentiment, so you don’t need to research manually.

The $WAI token is also on presale and trading for $0.000717 per token. The project has raised nearly $5.5 million since the presale began, showing promising signs and high investor sentiment.

AI tokens have been among the highest market gainers in 2024, with coins like Near Protocol, Sleepless AI, and Render experiencing price growth and an increase in their market capitalization values.

In other words, WienerAI’s presence during the AI and meme coin frenzy in the crypto community is an added advantage. The hidden gem can leverage both markets’ growth to become a high-achieving project in the future.

3. Sealana ($SEAL) – Solana Ecosystem Meme Coin on Presale


Sealana sounds like Solana, and it’s no surprise that it is a Solana-based meme coin project. The new coin has been gaining attention among investors because of its creative concept.

The fun token, represented by a seal, shows how spending more time in the sea has helped it grow more weight. This is a metaphor representing the cryptocurrency market potential for traders fishing in the “Solana Sea.”

Since its launch in May 2024, Sealana has been showing investors the fun and playful part of the Solana blockchain. Similarly, it strengthens the idea that investors should invest in the fast-growing Solana ecosystem with numerous exciting projects.

With its unique combination of witty jokes, community-driven approach, and affiliation with the robust Solana network, $SEAL has gained prominence during its ongoing presale. The Solana meme coin is valued at $0.022 per token, with over $4 million raised at this early stage of the project.

However, it’s crucial to note that Sealana is strictly a meme coin with no distinct use cases. Its status outside real-world assets – like Bitcoin and Ethereum – with utility poses risks for long-term investors. However, the project could go all the way to become the next meme coin with massive gains.

4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) – Promising Multi-Chain Crypto Project


It’s not every day that you see a new crypto project that can communicate with other chains simultaneously. This is why Base Dawgz stands out among the best hidden gems crypto options to consider.

The multi-chain platform connects the Ethereum network with other proof-of-stake blockchain networks, including Avalanche, Solana, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To achieve this, $DAWGZ uses advanced tech innovations like Portal Bridge and Wormhole.

These enable the seamless cross-chain interoperability that helps users perform transactions using digital assets from one supported blockchain to another. Besides its solution-driven approach to interoperability in the blockchain space, Base Dawgz has solid marketing plans that have been pushing its project to the limelight.

First, the project team is hosting a presale event, which has raised over $1 million. The $DAWGZ token is trading at $0.00502 each at the current presale stage, making it an affordable option for early investors.

Additionally, the project is hosting an airdrop campaign, tagged “Be Social for Airdrop,” to drive community engagement and create more social media awareness. With its marketing strategies and solid roadmap, Base Dawgz is on course to disrupt the Web3, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems.

5. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Top Solana GameFi Platform 


Mega Dice is popular for its Bitcoin casino and sportsbook that has been transforming the online gaming market. The gaming site attracts millions of online gamblers, but for crypto enthusiasts, the project’s new native token, $DICE, is another hot altcoin to invest in.

$DICE is part of an expansive DeFi ecosystem that Mega Dice is creating to strengthen its games’ fairness and transparency. The gaming platform validates every activity on its casino and bookmaker using smart contracts. That way, players are assured of completely random results that they can verify if they wish.

However, besides its unique gaming experience, Mega Dice stands out with its daily profit-sharing system that rewards $DICE holders with a portion of the company’s gains every 24 hours. The passive income opportunity for its gaming community helps the project build a dedicated and sustainable user base that is committed to growing the project.

Like other promising coins in this review, $DICE is on presale, which has evidently attracted lots of investors with its $1.4 million+ raise so far. The $DICE token’s current price at press time is $0.075.

With its global crypto casino site, Mega Dice promises to be a long-term, successful project.

6. 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) – Upcoming Learn-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Project


Last on our list of the best crypto gems to invest in right now is 99Bitcoins. The crypto educational platform provides information to users about Bitcoin-related subjects, including Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin wallets, and crypto exchanges.

Besides educating its users on crypto and Bitcoin, 99Bitcoins rewards them with $99BTC coins when they reach certain milestones. As such, the platform is ideal for beginners and experienced investors looking to learn about blockchain technology and get rewarded for it.

Users need the $99BTC token to access the 99Bitcoins ecosystem, making the hidden gem a useful asset in the hands of the token holders. If you own the hidden gem, you’ll enjoy discounted fees for learning materials and early access to new courses.

The project’s unofficial affiliation with Bitcoin gives it an edge over many competitors. For example, when the price of Bitcoin surged above $70K in June 2024, it was a pivotal moment for 99Bitcoins. The coin’s presale drive increased. At the time of writing, it has raised over $2.1 million, while the native token is selling for $0.00109 each.

Moreover, the massive 99Bitcoins community will further drive the project’s growth with their noise on social media and other influential strategies.

How Our Team Finds Hidden Gems in the Crypto Space

Finding the best crypto projects to invest in early is a bit daunting. We’ve taken the stress off you by highlighting the best altcoins running the cryptocurrency market right now. However, how do we ensure we provide a detailed and trustworthy ranking? Here are some factors we considered during our review.

Project Fundamentals/ Use Cases 

The first thing we considered during our review and rating was the project’s basic information to understand its use cases. All the information are provided in each project’s whitepaper, establishing their open-door policy and clear solutions to existing problems.

Understanding the project’s goal and what its token does will help you determine if the project is worth investing in during its early days. Usually, projects with limited or no use cases will struggle to meet future expectations. So, when investing in sheer meme coins like Sealana, you should have it at the back of your mind that the investment may not yield expected returns.


Simply put, tokenomics assesses a coin’s demand and supply to understand its distribution or circulation plans. Without a proper distribution plan, a coin may be unable to attain its projected goals. This is because it won’t meet the demand and supply figures.

If the project attains a higher demand than supply, its value increases, leaving investors with more profits. Otherwise, a higher supply than demand will result in price falls. So, questions related to how many tokens the project is burning, dedicating to marketing goals, and its reserves for listing on crypto exchanges, were thoroughly looked into.

Overall, a well-built crypto project often comes with good plans towards maintaining good tokenomics.


Considering that many scam presale activities are happening in the crypto space due to the absence of regulation, we paid attention to each project’s security details. We tried to understand if their websites were not fake or phishing channels. We also tried connecting an external wallet to confirm if they allow additional security features like two-factor authentication (2FA).

Overall, we discovered that our recommended presale websites were certified safe by Google. Some sites accepting card payments also integrate with reputable payment gateways to allow safe deposits and purchases.

Project Roadmap and Future Developments 

Another crucial factor we considered when reviewing our recommended altcoin projects is their project roadmaps. A clear roadmap shows that the developers have legitimate plans and are committed to continuous growth and future developments. It also helps understand the milestones to expect in terms of upgrades, future releases, improvements, and an overall potential rise.

All the projects listed in this review have their development plans highlighted in their whitepapers, showing the developer team doesn’t have malicious or fraudulent plans to steal people’s money. Hence, they are decent investment options with an exciting future and substantial growth.

Innovative Approach 

The technology and innovative ideas behind a new crypto project are also crucial to its development and overall success. During this review, we read through each project’s website and whitepaper to identify their creative concepts and solutions to real-world challenges.

For example, Mega Dice is solving transparency issues in the iGaming industry and Base Dawgz is focused on enhancing interoperability among top blockchain networks that ordinarily can’t communicate or connect.

As they address these issues, they also develop their internal systems and structures to boost their efficiency and security. That way, they become more robust internally, while supporting other projects to scale.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Hidden Crypto Gems

From an investor standpoint, there are also significant factors to consider before backing a new crypto project during its presale or initial coin offering (ICO). We highlight some of these factors below. However, note that the tips are not financial advice.

Legitimate crypto projects are often open about their founders, institutional investors, and team members.

Evaluate the project team to know if it’s in capable hands. Typically, the information about the founders and other team members are provided in its whitepaper or on its website. You can also check platforms like LinkedIn to check their track records in the crypto space before embarking on the new investment.

Furthermore, assess the project’s community to determine if it has active and dedicated members contributing to its growth. Usually, these communities are prominent on social media platforms like X (Twitter), Telegram, and Discord.

Since the information from the community alone cannot be completely trusted, check out what the general public and other investors are saying online. These conversations will give you insights into the project’s latest developments.

You will find the latest reviews from crypto communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook. However, do not take their comments as financial advice. Instead, do due diligence to filter the accurate information from the noise and make smart investment choices.

When investing your money in presale coins, you should understand its terms and conditions, including token vesting or lock-up periods. Though some projects allow you to access and trade your purchased tokens immediately after the presale ends, projects with vesting periods require you to lock your tokens for an extended period.

The lock-up duration depends on the investment and the founders’ plans, but it can be as high as 3 months. So, if you prefer to have your digital assets immediately after the presale comes to a close, projects with vesting periods are not ideal for you.

A project’s market capitalization value helps you understand its liquidity. Usually, projects with high market cap values are more liquid, making it easy to trade their assets. However, since you’re considering investing in low market cap assets, it’s important to find assets with a relatively decent value to avoid volatility issues.

Ideally, a coin with a market cap value lower than $1 billion after ICO is a low market cap asset. Investing in assets with lower values may be high-risk, but yield higher returns.

Similarly, if investing in projects at their presale stages, the amount raised and the duration are strong indicators of future success. So, if a new project struggles during presale, it’s an indicator of low interest from investors. Therefore, having an investment in such assets is risky.

Finally, nothing tells you more about a crypto project’s success than investors’ sentiment and market trends. If the current trends show that investors prefer a particular asset class, it’s a good idea to also invest in such assets.

For example, if the altcoin season index indicates that altcoins are hot and you observe there’s an altcoin frenzy, you can invest in some of the most prominent altcoins at the time.

However, a general interest doesn’t represent financial advice. Thorough research remains paramount to avoid wrong investments due to greed or the fear of missing out (FOMO).


Investing in cryptocurrencies in their early days, especially during presales, provides early market entrants with a greater success rate. As seen in the case of numerous projects, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Pepe, getting promising projects before they explode is a smart method of investing.

In this guide, we’ve shortlisted the most promising projects on the market. PlayDoge tops the chart with its unique P2E features, but viable alternatives are WienerAI, Sealana, Base Dawgz, 99Bitcoins, and Mega Dice. These new assets are in their presale stages, offering you the chance to purchase them at discounted rates and make significant gains in the future.

However, note that while investing in new crypto gems is great for better returns, it’s safer to diversify your investment across well-known coins. For instance, you can combine new meme coin projects with more stable assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to hedge against market volatility risks. If the early investment doesn’t succeed, the rewards from another investment will compensate you or net off the losses.

Always remember to do your research before investing in any asset regardless of the hype or how promising it sounds. You can also speak to a financial advisor to guide you before making big money moves.